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-Art School Student
-Everything on this blog is my own work.
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  • Finally posting these photos from last week with a little explanation as to why i haven’t posted anything for a month or two.Basically reason 1 is Uni and 2 is work.I had a lot of work to do for my last project and took on more shifts at work.Which meant i couldn’t go out and do my lil street style section or anything else for that matter….i know cry! cry!.It sucked but ive pretty much finished uni now (whoop whoop) sooooo! new rolls of film have been bought camera is charged and im looking to get a new better one soon.Yeah back to business as usual summer street style coming soon :D,i am exited about this.I’m gonna plan a few shoots during the break and hopefully get more event jobs to share with you all.

    Thanks lovelies 

    p.s photographs from the MMU Graduate fashion show are coming this week.

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